An innovative
digital solution
Linnaeus Group

Linnaeus Group is a vibrant, forward-thinking partnership of highly respected veterinary practices across the UK. With over 150 practices under its mantle Linnaeus sets the benchmark for innovations in veterinary medicine, implemented by specialist vets from within the Group.

An invaluable knowledge sharing interfaceDesign One designed and developed their Telehub web app platform for practices within the Group to provide valuable radiological specialist expertise remotely.

Utilising the skill sets from around the Group and delivering directly to those practices that do not offer the required expertise in-house, the Telehub delivers specialist knowledge at the touch of a button.

A clear communication diligently deliveredVets across the group now have a clear communication channel between practices ensuring cost efficient use of resource and time. Linnaeus say they are delighted with the results which has shown a superb return on the value of their investment in the project.

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